Kitchen Organization Ideas: 3 Easy Steps to Setup a Kids’ Snack Drawer

An easy thing you can do to help your kids make healthy choices, is to setup a dedicated snack drawer. Make a low drawer or easy-to-access shelf in your fridge the kids’ go-to snack center.

Organize it by color. I use small, BPA-free plastic containers to organize produce and keep a steady rotation of seasonal fruits and veggies ready for my kids to grab. This is another easy opportunity to let your kids lead. When we shop, I encourage my kids to choose a new food to try along with the feature foods they’d like in their drawer.

You can apply this same strategy to the freezer as well. We transformed a freezer drawer into a smoothie bar, so the kids can easily mix and match ingredients to make their own special blends. I always have ingredients on hand to make their favorites: Blueberry Blast Smoothie and The Green Monster.

Watch how I setup our snack drawer.

Ready for more kitchen organization ideas? Flip flop your fridge!