Jennifer Tyler Lee with Alice Waters and Mark Bittman

Celebrity Endorsements

Alice Waters and Mark Bittman celebrate the launch of Jennifer Tyler Lee’s new cookbook, Half the Sugar, All the Love, and give back to support The Edible Schoolyard Project.

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company spotlights Jennifer’s fun and easy family recipes including 2-Ingredient Strawberry Jam , Basil Pesto PizzaBack-to-School Banana Muffins , and No Bake Halloween Treats

Jamie Oliver’s Blog of the Month December 2014 and 52 New Foods Challenge weekly series on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Oprah’s “secret to making vegetables crazy delicious.”

National Broadcast

Hallmark’s Home & Family, January 2020
Author of “Half the Sugar, All the Love” Jennifer Tyler Lee shows how to make a Mason Jar Salad with half the sugar and all the sweetness.

CTV’s The Social, January 2020
Cut back on sugar with these family-friendly recipes.

Global News, January 2020
How to enjoy a chocolate cake with half the sugar.

CBC’s Steven & Chris February 2015

The 700 Club January 2015
“If you have a fussy eater at home, dinner time can be a battle. How can parents win this fight? They can start by taking a page from a mom who’s been there.”

Regional Broadcast

Breakfast Television, April 2020
How to enjoy comfort foods that are good for you.

ABC7, April 2020
Top-searched comfort foods with a healthy twist.

ABC7, March 2020
Cooking during a quarantine: Pantry essentials for easy meals while sheltering at home.

ABC7, March 2020
Easy recipes to cook with your kids while in quarantine.

ABC7, February 2020
Sweet Valentine treats with no added sugar.

KUTV CBS Utah, February 2020
Mason Jar Salad from Half the Sugar, All the Love.

ABC7, January 2020
‘Half the Sugar, All the Love:’ Sweet substitutions for a healthier new year.

ABC7, December 2019

ABC7News, Three simple steps to get your kids to eat more plants, September 2019

ABC7News, Healthy back-to-school lunches, August 2019

ABC7 News, Cool desserts for hot summer days, July 2019

ABC7 News, No-cook summer meals, June 2019

ABC7 News, Take the healthy / not healthy quiz, May 2019

ABC7 News, Building a better breakfast for you and your kids, April 2019

ABC7 News, March Madness menu makeover, March 2019

ABC7 News, How to make the foods we love in a healthier way, February 2019

ABC7 News, Healthy lunch ideas for kids, January 2019

KATU-TV’s AM Northwest February 2015

Breakfast Television January 12, 2015

Global Morning November 2014

Fox2 News, Spooky Halloween Treats, October 2015

Fox2 News, Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes, November 2015

Fox2 News, Naturally Sweet Desserts, January 2016

National Print Media

Parents Magazine, March 2020 issue
Treats with Half the Sugar! Your family can have them today, tomorrow, and every day thanks to recipes that trim sweeteners while keeping the deliciousness intact.

The Washington Post, February 2020
“A compelling argument for why we eat too many added sugars and that there are ways to reduce them without sacrificing flavor.”

Globe and Mail, January 2020
A secret ingredient helps cut the sugar in these delicious double-chocolate brownies

US Weekly December 2014
“Jennifer Tyler Lee’s week-by-week cookbook features 150 recipes designed to win over parents’ picky eaters. Dad and chef Jamie Oliver devoured it!”

Regional Print Media

Atlanta Journal Constitution, February 2020
“If ever there was a cookbook that understood the dissonance between indulgence and practicality, it’s Half the Sugar, All the Love: 100 Easy, Low-Sugar Recipes for Every Meal of the Day by Jennifer Tyler Lee.”

San Jose Mercury News, January 2020
New Year’s resolution: “Half the Sugar, All the Love” for healthy eating in 2020

Epoch Times, January 2020
How to Cook With ‘Half the Sugar, All the Love’.

Press Democrat, January 2020
Burlingame mom develops low-sugar recipes for every meal of the day

The Oregonian April 2015
“A smart, fun and creative approach to dealing with picky eating.”

San Jose Mercury News January 2015
“A week-by-week small bites approach to healthy eating.”

Deseret National News February 2015
Chefs share secrets for no-pressure family dinners.

Asbury Park Press January 2015
“Resolutions are not just for adults.”

The Daily Journal November 2014
“Burlingame mom releases food book: ‘The 52 New Foods Challenge’ aims to help people eat healthier”

Online Media

The Washington Post, April 2020
9 cake, bread and candy recipes that showcase all your loaf pan can do.

Real Simple, April 2020
3 Easy Ways to Make ‘Quarantine Cooking’ With Kids More Manageable (and Fun).

Real Simple, April 2020
Short on Yeast? Here Are 3 Clever Ways You Can Bake Bread Without It.

Real Simple, March 2020
3 Delicious Ways to Eat More Immunity-Boosting Vitamin C.

The Washington Post, March 2020
Lunch at home is new for some of us. Here’s how to make it count.

The Washington Post, March 2020
The shows we’re bingeing and the recipes we’re pairing with them.

Real Simple, February 2020
3 Simple Ways to Sweeten Foods Without Sugar

NBC Better, February 2020
Are sneaky sugars hiding in your food? Use these healthy swaps to cut back.

NBC Better, February 2020
How to Make Healthier Granola at Home.

NBC Better, February 2020
In a lunch rut? Try this mason jar salad.

NBC Better, February 2020
“This easy creamy tomato soup from Jennifer Tyler Lee rivals your favorite canned variety — without the added sugar and dairy.”

Greatist, February 2020
Looking to Lower Your Sugar? Hit Up Trader Joe’s for These 7 Staples.

Greatist, February 2020
Vegetables as a sugar substitute? Yes, we’re serious.

NBC Better, January 2020
Cut the sugar with these oven-baked Korean chicken wings.

Mind Body Green, January 2020

Williams-Sonoma, January 2020
“We’re loving the recipes in Half the Sugar, All the Love.”

Library Journal, December 2019
“VERDICT Refreshing in its approach and accessible for most home cooks (and their children), this collection delivers on its promise of simple recipes for every meal.”

Cool Mom Picks, October 2019
“A new family cookbook we can’t get enough of”

NBCBetter, September 2019
How to help your kid cut down on sugar and juice.

Red Tricycle February 2019
A practical parents’ guide to cutting out sugar.

Williams-Sonoma January 2019
Eating healthier doesn’t mean you have to give up dessert.

Williams-Sonoma January 2019
7 Easy Ways to Eat Less Sugar January 2016
21 Dishes Even Picky Eaters will Love December 2014
“Jennifer Tyler Lee’s new book, The 52 New Foods Challenge, bursts with creative suggestions for making vegetables crazy-delicious”

US News & World Report December 2014
“2015’s Best New Year’s Resolution”

Library Journal December 2014
“Looking for ways to encourage your kids to eat nutritious food without instigating a power struggle? Lee (creator of the game Crunch a Color) offers an exciting strategy to introduce children to fresh foods and involve them in cooking. She opts for a game-based approach where kids earn points for the different types of foods they eat. The plan is structured to introduce 52 new foods over the course of 52 weeks. Families can prepare the meals together and experiment. Provisions are listed seasonally, such as sweet potato (fall) and peas (spring). The author emphasizes the importance of children learning to cook, having a garden (home and school), and going to farmers markets. One can also choose to journal, use photographs, or blog to chart what works and what doesn’t. Many of the included recipes are side dishes such as roasted purple cauliflower and wild rice with pomegranate and pistachios. Using games/rewards in conjunction with food can be risky business, but Lee’s method is lighthearted. VERDICT A fun way to engage children in creating meals and trying new things.” November 2014
“The book offers plenty of practical solutions to make meals fun, boost variety (and bust boredom) at the family table and to help families cook together (rather than having parents cook for their kids).”

Williams-Sonoma Taste October 2015
“Jennifer Tyler Lee shares a few kid-friendly Halloween party ideas.”

“These Spooky Spider Cookies Are Perfect for Your Halloween Party”

Relish Magazine January 2015
“How a Bay-Area mom takes the stress out of feeding kids healthy foods.”

Cookbooks365 January 2015
“We trimmed and peeled and baked and generally just hung out for a while in the kitchen. And guess what? He loooooved those Brussels sprouts chips.”

Cool Mom Picks March 2015
“Most grownups find it easier to make a shift in their own diet when they have a framework to guide them through small, manageable changes. Why shouldn’t the same be true for kids? Jennifer Tyler Lee takes this approach in her new parenting-book-cum-cookbook, The 52 New Foods Challenge: A Family Cooking Adventure for Each Week of the Year.”

Red Tricycle April 2015
“Get your groove back in the kitchen, and turn your little picky eaters into full-fledged food adventurers.”

The Star Tribune April 2015
“If there’s vegetable trauma at your table, Jennifer Tyler Lee has a solution.”

BabyCenter May 2015
“Lee’s system is ingenious because it gets kid buy-in — no picky-eating eradication program can proceed without it.”

Red Tricycle, October 2015
“We loved these three Halloween treat ideas from local mom, author and food-blogger Jennifer Tyler Lee.”

Working Mother, October 2015
“4 Treats and 5 Tricks for a Healthier Halloween”

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
Jamie Oliver’s Blog of the Month December 2014
52 New Foods Challenge weekly series on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Consumer Affairs November 2014
“It’s packed like a well-stocked refrigerator with tips for stressed-out parents of reluctant eaters.”

Herald Online Mr. Dad Column January 2015
“Color-fast way to healthy eating.”

Canadian Health and Lifestyle, Good Reads December 2014

Bay Area Parent December 2014

Edible Silicon Valley Fall 2014 Issue

BeliefNet November 2014

Laurie David’s The Family Cooks November 2014

National Radio

Dr. Roizen’s You The Owner’s Manual, April 2020

NPR / WOSU All Sides with Ann Fisher, January 2020

NPR / KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasny August 2015

Positive Parenting with Armin Brott January 2015

Mom Talk Radio January 2015

Naturally Savvy on RadioMD January 2015

Dr. Roizen’s You The Owner’s Manual November 2014

The Women’s Eye November 2014

NPR / KQED Perspectives


Didn’t I Just Feed You, January 2020

Liz’s Healthy Table, December 2019

Public Appearances and Events

For a full list of current book tour appearances see Jennifer’s events page

Books Inc, Half the Sugar, All the Love Book Launch & Signing, Palo Alto, CA January 2020

Williams-Sonoma National 52 New Foods Cooking Series, throughout 2015

Sephora, Working Moms Group, Book Talk & Signing, San Francisco, CA September 24, 2015

Kids Food Festival, NYC February 28, 2015

Whole Foods Market San Mateo, Book Talk & Signing, San Mateo, CA February 7, 2015

Williams-Sonoma Columbus Circle, Cooking Demo & Signing, New York, NY January 31, 2015

Soul Food Salon, Book Talk & Signing, Woodside, CA January 28, 2015

Williams-Sonoma Stanford, Cooking Demo & Signing, Palo Alto, CA January 24, 2015

Lafayette Public Library, Book Talk & Signing, Lafayette, CA January 22, 2015

Drivers’ Market Sausalito, Book Talk & Signing, Sausalito, CA, January 21, 2015

Whole Foods Market San Mateo, Book Talk & Signing, San Mateo, CA, December 20, 2014

San Mateo Public Library, Book Talk & Signing, December 3, 2014

Whole Foods Market Cupertino, Book Talk & Signing, Cupertino, CA, November 22, 2014

Book Larder, Book Talk & Signing, Seattle, WA, November 20, 2014

The Burlingame Mothers’ Club, Book Talk & Signing, Burlingame, CA, November 18, 2014

First Canadian Place, Book Talk & Signing, Toronto, Canada, November 14, 2014

University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management, Big Ideas Speaker Series, Toronto, Canada, November 12, 2014

Google Canada, Book Talk & Signing, Toronto, Canada, November 10, 2014

Chapters Indigo, Book Talk & Signing, Toronto, Canada, November 11, 2014

Books Inc, Book Launch & Signing, Burlingame, CA, November 6, 2014

Jennifer has also been featured in national television and print publications for her work with her award-winning nutrition game, Crunch a Color. For additional press mentions, visit the Crunch a Color Press page.

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