Purple carrots aren’t just carrots with a pretty face. They are beautiful from the inside out, because they are super healthy! Not only do they contain loads of vitamin A and beta-carotene—like the more familiar and humble orange carrot—but also they’re packed with the same powerful antioxidants that blueberries boast. Bonus! Ready for a few quick ways to work purple carrots onto your menu?

First, a tip on cooking purple carrots: They don’t like heat. Purple carrots will lose their beautiful color if you cook them. So it’s best to enjoy them raw or very lightly sautéed, which makes them a perfect busy weeknight vegetable. The less you do, the more you get. My kinda veggie.

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One of my go-to dinner tricks is what I call the Veggie Course. Before serving your protein and grains, put a selection of colorful veggies on the table for your kids to enjoy. Net veggie intake will increase substantially! Purple carrots, which are typically nestled among bunches of colorful rainbow carrots at the market, paired with a delicious dip are one of the easiest Veggie Course dishes in my rotation.

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Our favorite dip is a healthy Caesar salad dressing made with Greek yogurt instead of mayo. You’ll love it, and so will your kids. That’s a bold statement, and I’m prepared to stand by it! Try it, and you’ll see. It’s featured in my new book, along with another off-the-charts awesome recipe featuring purple carrots aptly named, Rainbow Ribbons. Be sure to pre-order a copy and get a free ebook with 9 more delicious recipes (and full color photographs that will make you drool).

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Remember not to peel your purple carrots. All of their healthy antioxidants live right close to the surface, so it’s best to give them a good scrub instead of peeling away all of the healthy benefits. Now go forth and seek out those purple prizes at the market. Then come back and let me know what you make. I love hearing about your new food adventures!

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