To celebrate the launch of The 52 New Foods Challenge, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and 52 bloggers from around the world join team #52NewFoods!

Today is the launch of The 52 New Foods Challenge. It’s been nearly three years in the making, and I can’t wait to get this book into your hands so that you can enjoy every one of the 150 delicious recipes and have fun cooking and exploring new foods with your family. I hope you love it!

To celebrate, in partnership with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and its global ambassadors, 52 bloggers from around the world will share delicious recipes and stories from their family tables each week for an entire year. One new food at a time, we’ll explore, create and cook real food together. And through cooking we’ll connect with our families, our friends, and our fellow food lovers—all of which are the essential ingredients to start a movement to change the way we eat.

Head on over to Jamie’s blog to learn more about what can you expect each week in the #52NewFoods Challenge.

Most important, every single week these home cooks will put into practice the core principles from The 52 New Foods Challenge and invite you into their kitchens to show you (not tell you) how they cook with their kids, not for their kids, so that you can too.

In his New York Times Magazine article, Mark Bittman sums it up eloquently, “Parents need discipline, strength, a plan and determination. But they need a more supportive environment too, because the battle over feeding children really pits Big Food against parents, and Big Food’s resources are vast: almost unlimited money, little regulation and tacit government support.” My hope is that The 52 New Foods Challenge will be an important part of the plan that parents have been looking for, and that together, we can start a food revolution at tables around the world—one new food at a time.

Join team #52NewFoods and try one new food this week with us. Share your cooking adventures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with #52NewFoods + #foodrevolution. Then nominate a friend to join the challenge. Let’s get #cooking!

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