The 52 New Foods Challenge by Jennifer Tyler Lee

Salvation for every busy parent who longs to make mealtimes relaxing, fun—and healthy, from the creator of Crunch a Color.

Like many parents, Jennifer Tyler Lee struggled to get her kids to eat healthy meals. The answer, she discovered, was making it a game. “We’ll try one new food each week,” she told her kids. “You pick!” She called it The 52 New Foods Challenge.

In this week-by-week guide, Lee gives parents practical tips to change the way their families eat. Each week offers a healthy new food, easy recipes, and a fun activity. With more than 150 simple, healthy recipes and advice from nationally acclaimed nutrition experts, The 52 New Foods Challenge shows parents how to enjoy mealtimes, plant the seeds of change at their family table, and easily incorporate healthy habits every day of the year. What’s more, the book will inspire your child’s creativity and confidence in the kitchen, and beyond.

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More About The Book

In The 52 New Foods Challenge, award-winning game creator Jennifer Tyler Lee shows you how to break your recipe rut, introduce Brussels sprouts (or broccoli), and start cooking together without losing your sanity. Here’s what you’ll get in this easy, week-by-week guide:
  • A simple, manageable activity for each week of the year
  • More than 150 easy, healthy recipes
  • Practical tips for how to cook with your kids
  • Simple strategies for growing your own food and shopping seasonally
  • Fun ways to experiment with foods to inspire creativity and confidence
  • Advice from nationally acclaimed nutrition experts, chefs, and doctors


Try New Foods | The 52 New Foods Challenge

Try New Foods

Variety is the key to health. But most kids don’t eat the recommended daily servings of fruits and veggies. End battles, break your recipe rut, and have fun trying new foods with your kids!

Cook Together

Cooking with your kids is a great way to connect, plus it boosts their health and performance at school. Learn how to cook together as a family—without losing your sanity.

Let Kids Lead | The 52 New Foods Challenge

Let Kids Lead

Exploring and experimenting with new foods unlocks the creative potential in your kids—right in your kitchen. The secret is to let go and let your kids lead.

The 52 New Foods Challenge is about more than the foods,
it’s your recipe for a happy, healthy life.

What Parents Are Saying

“This book is about great parenting as expressed through food. It inspired me to see the beauty of whole foods, to shop and cook WITH my kids as opposed to FOR them, to take the time to enjoy going to the farmers’ market, to cook, to grow our garden. While we do many of these things already, I tended to see these as chores rather than the wonder that they can inspire in my kids, and in me. Letting my kids lead will be something I’ll do more of!”
“Absolutely inspiring and easy! I have made a move to reinstate our garden, and go to the farmers’ market each week. I have been reminded from reading your book that these are wonderful fulfilling things to do with my kids as well as healthy ways to live. It is a win win! Also to not stress out on my son so much. The challenge is a fun way to introduce new colors without the nagging. No one needs emotional pressure over food! I did not find anything missing in this book to inspire me further—except getting me to wash the dishes. I could use a points plan for getting the kids to wash up!”
“The change was in me! I am super clean, hate messes, do it myself … a basic control freak. I also get so distracted by my phone, email, etc. The process here MADE me PRESENT and my kids loved the attention and fun. It reminded me that there is nothing more important than my children and that me, being with them, learning with them and teaching them is the greatest gift I can give.”