Parents around the world have been creating delicious dishes inspired by The 52 New Foods Challenge. It’s your turn to vote!

The best part of The 52 New Foods Challenge is seeing a community come together to make a difference—big and small—which is why each week I’m thrilled to share stories and recipes from tables around the world, inspired by the book. To celebrate, we’re hosting a contest and book giveaway and we need your help!

52 New Foods inspired recipes have been rounded up into an interactive list so you can vote for your favorites as well as share and compare delicious ideas with friends. The best of the list will be featured as we kickoff the New Year! As an added bonus, three lucky people will receive a copy of The 52 New Foods Challenge to enjoy with their family and friends. Contest closes on 12/19. Let’s get cooking!

Want to submit a recipe? Add your 52 New Foods inspired dish to the list by filling out this form.