In partnership with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, I’m thrilled to announce the #52NewFoods Blogger Challenge! If you love helping families have fun eating healthy, this is for you! Together, we’ll start a new food revolution at tables across the globe.

The key to a healthy diet is to cook and eat a variety of colorful foods. But as a busy parent, it’s hard to make time to cook, and often even harder to get your kids to eat what you make. Parents need a way to make eating healthy foods easy, fun, and engaging for the whole family. The simple solution lies in cooking one new food each week—together as a family. Enter The 52 New Foods Challenge.

As part of The 52 New Foods Challenge book launch (Penguin Random House / Avery, November 4, 2014), we are seeking 52 exceptional food bloggers to make an original recipe inspired by the book and share their experiences. Top entries will be featured on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and The Huffington Post between October 20, 2014 and December 31, 2014. Each participant will receive a free copy of The 52 New Foods Challenge: A Family Cooking Adventure for Each Week of the Year, with 150 Recipes. By Jennifer Tyler Lee.

Ready to join the fun? To participate in the #52NewFoods Blogger Challenge:

1) Fill out the #52NewFoods blogger challenge entry form by July 31, 2014.

2) Selected participants will be notified by August 5, 2014.

3) If selected, a digital copy of the book and additional information will be sent to you by August 8, 2014. Hard copies of the book will be delivered to you in October 2014.

4) Create at least one recipe inspired by The 52 New Foods Challenge. Recipes must be ORIGINAL and based on a food featured in The 52 New Foods Challenge. Recipes can be a variation inspired by a recipe in the book. Recipes cannot be republished without Penguin Random House’s written permission. Photography must be ORIGINAL and incorporate The 52 New Foods Challenge book.

5) Posts must be live no later than October 17, 2014.