Positive Parenting with Armin Brott

//Positive Parenting with Armin Brott

Armin Brott, best-selling author and host of Positive Parenting, discusses The 52 New Foods Challenge.

The key to health is variety, but with finicky eaters it can seem impossible to get out of the “white zone.” If plates at your table are dominated by white pasta and chicken nuggets, you will love my in-depth interview with parenting expert and best-selling author, Armin Brott. On his radio show, Positive Parenting, we explore the tough issues that parents face at the table and share solutions to take the stress out of mealtime and bring back the joy of family dinner.

Why does the current approach to feeding finicky eaters fall short and what can parents do differently?

How can cooking be made simple and easy for busy families?

When you cook, how do you get your kids to actually eat the healthy foods you make?

What simple solutions can parents use to remove stress from family dinner and bring back the joy of mealtime?

Tune in to my interview on Armin’s popular show, Positive Parenting, for simple solutions to end mealtime battles.

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Heralded by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution as “A mom and genius game creator helping kids eat fresh food!”, Jennifer Tyler Lee is an award-winning cookbook author, game creator, and healthy eating advocate. Jennifer has garnered national TV, radio, and print coverage for her family cookbook, The 52 New Foods Challenge, and her nutrition game, Crunch a Color®: The Healthy Eating Game. Jennifer’s work has been spotlighted by Jessica Alba, Michael Pollan, Jamie Oliver, Laurie David, Rachael Ray, US Weekly, The 700 Club, and Oprah.com—among many others. Her fresh approach to cooking together as a family inspired a nationwide series of kids cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma, The 52 New Foods Junior Chef Series, along with an exclusive edition of her book. A former strategy consultant, she lives in the Bay Area with her family.

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