As a busy parent, it can be challenging to make time to cook at home. Frustration reaches its peak when your kids don’t eat the delicious food you make. Help has arrived! It’s the Fresh 20 Picky Eater Challenge.

As part of The Fresh 20 Picky Eater Challenge, ten fantastic family food experts will be talking strategies to curb dinnertime stress. Mark your calendars to tune in on August 11 when I talk about the Power of Cooking with Kids.

The Picky Eater Challenge will support parents in changing the approach to mealtime. We will be sharing personal family cooking experiences, recipes and tips that you can use in your own home. There will be fun, interactive resources, ten podcasts, ten recipes, and printables to make The Picky Eater Challenge engaging for the whole family. And of course, there will be several great prizes—think kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, and kids’ games.

Here’s the lineup of great guests:

Ereka Vetrini – Beyoutifulmoms

Jessica Fiorillo – Feed Me Dearly

Tracy Benjamin – Shutterbean

Laura Fuentes – Momables

Eve Schaub – Author, A Year of No Sugar

(that’s me!) Jennifer Tyler Lee – Crunch a Color and The 52 New Foods Challenge

Tess Masters – The Blender Girl

Carolyn Scott – Healthy Voyager

Allison Arnett – The Fresh 20 Nutritionist

Melissa Lanz – The Fresh 20 CEO Live Q&A

JOIN US! If you need meal time resources, don’t miss this FREE online event! When you join, you’ll receive a free food substitution chart and the upcoming schedule. The Picky Eater Challenge kicks off August 4th!

The Picky Eater Challenge is sponsored by The Fresh 20. If you’re looking for a great meal plan option, check out