The New Food Revolution: Easy dinner ideas are the hot topic this week in the 52 New Foods Challenge series on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

The 52 New Foods Challenge: Easy Dinner Ideas

As a busy parent, it can feel like a monumental challenge to get healthy meals on the table. When schedules are frantic, we parents drop our guard and prepared foods start to make their way onto the menu. But those choices, made in the interest of time, are wreaking havoc on our health. To make this home cooking thing work, which is at the heart of changing our food environment, parents need a rock star lineup of fast, delicious, easy dinner ideas that deliver. This week, I’m sharing a few of my favorite easy dinner recipes from The 52 New Foods Challenge.

For the lineup of fast, delicious, and easy dinner ideas (including a few exclusive recipes from my new book) head on over to Jamie Oliver’s Revolution. Share the love.

About Jennifer Tyler Lee’s New Food Revolution: To celebrate the launch of The 52 New Foods Challenge, in partnership with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, bloggers from around the world are sharing delicious recipes and stories from their family tables each week for an entire year. One new food at a time, we’ll explore, create and cook real food together. And through cooking we’ll connect with our families, our friends, and our fellow food lovers—all of which are the essential ingredients to start a movement to change the way we eat. For the full weekly series, visit Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.