When it comes to establishing healthy habits for your family, you need to think like a marketer! Merchandize your fridge to make it easy and fun for everyone in your family to choose colorful, healthy foods.

One of the secrets to establishing healthy habits for your family is planning. Spending just a few minutes washing and preparing veggies for the week ahead, and putting together a quick meal plan, is a huge time saver when life gets hectic. But don’t hide those beautiful colors in the crisper drawer! Flip flop your fridge to make it easy for everyone in your family to make healthy choices.

Prep Together

Set aside 20 minutes each week to wash and prepare colorful fruits and veggies for the week ahead. This is an easy way to get your kids involved—tearing and washing kale is great fun for kids of all ages (no scary kitchen tools required). Store foods in glass or BPA-free containers, so you can easily see what’s inside.

Flip Flop Your Fridge

Stack containers on the shelves in your fridge. When you open the fridge, you want to see color! Use the crisper drawers for storing essentials like onions, garlic, and lemons.

Setup a Snack Drawer

Make a low shelf, or drawer, the kids’ snack section. Organize it by color. Load up on grab-n-go snacks like apricots, plums, and sweet peas. Keep a steady rotation of seasonal foods stocked to make it easy for your kids to snack healthy when hunger strikes. Check out our favorite healthy snack ideas by season for inspiration.