The New York Times issued a 7-Day Sugar Challenge and I’m thrilled to participate! Each day I’ll share a tip and an easy recipe from my new book, Half the Sugar, All the Love, to get you started on your way to cooking with less added sugar. If you’ve already got a copy of Half the Sugar, All the Love, you’re ahead of the game! If not, grab your copy HERE.

According to The New York Times, some studies suggest that eating spicy foods will cut down on your cravings for sweet foods. Based on my personal experience developing recipes for my new book, I do know that spices, both spicy and sweet, can help boost flavor in a way that’s very helpful when you’re trying to cook with less sugar. When it comes to spicy flavors, if you have kids at your table you’ll need to ease in. Some young eaters will shy away from foods that have too much “heat”, so tread lightly.

Day 5: Spice It Up!

For Day 5 of The New York Times 7-Day Sugar Challenge, your goal is to make an effort to eat something spicy, flavorful and delicious! The naturally sweetened Hoisin Sauce in these Chinese Chicken Lettuce Cups is a delicious place to start. Unsweetened peanut butter gives this sauce its natural sweetness (you can use miso paste too) and the chili oil gives it a spicy kick (which you can easily tailor to your kids’ liking). Get the recipe in my new book, Half the Sugar, All the Love.

Chinese Chicken Lettuce Cups with Hoisin Sauce | Half the Sugar All the Love | Jennifer Tyler Lee

Half the Sugar, All the Love is packed with over 100 recipes to enjoy your favorite foods in a healthier way. The secret is using fiber-rich fruits and vegetables to sweeten instead of added sugar. It’s available wherever books are sold.

Half the Sugar, All the Love by Jennifer Tyler Lee