Sweet treats without added sugar.

Americans consume nearly 22 teaspoons of added sugars each day. Nearly 4 times the recommended amount according to guidelines published by the American Heart Association. It’s a huge problem, leading to chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. The issue is even more acute for our children. The recommended limit of added sugars for kids is 3 to 6 teaspoons per day. The new federal dietary guidelines urge Americans to limit added sugars to no more than 10% of your daily caloric intake.

But added sugars are hidden in all kinds of foods that are perceived to be healthy like granola bars and yogurt which can make it immensely challenging to kick sugar out of our diets. Add cakes and cookies to your menu and you’ve got yourself a big problem. So how do we enjoy the sweet treats we love without added sugars?

The trick is to find ways to replace those sugars with naturally sweet fruits and nuts.

Low Sugar Desserts

If you’ve got kids at your table, saying dessert is “sugar free” isn’t generally a selling feature! I’ve packed these low sugar desserts with delicious flavors so that no one at your table will feel like they’re eating cardboard just to be healthy. These treats are also simple to make, so there’s no need to buy them in a box where added sugars are lurking. Now we can all have our cake, and eat it too!

sugar free rugelach | jennifer tyler lee | 20151211_0025_

Naturally sweet strawberry jam, toasted walnuts, and dried currants are all rolled up in a simple pastry to create a quick and easy sugar free cookie: Easy Strawberry Rugelach.

sugar free raspberry bars 4 | jennifer tyler lee | 0151211_0008_

Raspberry bars are perfect for breakfast or an after school snack. Packed with dates, pecans, and raspberries these sugar free bars don’t disappoint: Raspberry Bars

Sugar free apple tart | Jennifer Tyler Lee | 52 New Foods Challenge

This quick and easy apple tart satisifies your snack cravings without any refined sugar: Sugar Free Apple Tart

Low Sugar Desserts on Fox News

Watch how easy it is to make these low sugar desserts! The team at KTVU Fox News enjoys a few sweet treats and nobody misses the refined sugar.