Looking for healthy snack ideas? These grab-and-go snacks by season make it easy to choose healthy, colorful snacks when hunger strikes. No cooking required!

For me, the solution to the snack dilemma is an easy one. Each week, I invite my kids to load our market baskets with seasonal fruits and veggies that require nothing more than a quick wash before enjoying. Each season brings delicious variety—perfect peas in spring, juicy peaches in summer, crisp apples in fall, and bright mandarin oranges in winter. I keep all of these healthy foods, organized by color, in a kids snack drawer that is easy for my little ones to access. Making it easy to grab healthy snacks will ensure that your kids will choose healthy snacks.

How to Snack Healthy + Happy

1. Let Kids Choose. Invite your kids to load your cart with color. Encourage them to choose colorful, whole foods that can be eaten out of hand.

2. Buy in Season. The seasons naturally provide delicious variety. Shop the farmers’ market each week to cue into what’s in season.

3. Merchandize. Keep your healthy snacks in a low refrigerator drawer so it’s easy for your kids to grab a healthy snack when hunger strikes. Use glass containers to organize the foods by color, making it even more visually appealing (for you and for them).

Watch how we set up our kids snack drawer in this one minute video.

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