Breakfast is your first opportunity each day to set your kids (and yourself) on the right path. But popular packaged breakfast foods, like cereal, granola and flavored yogurts, can easily push you over your daily added sugar limit in one meal. These three easy tips will help you power through the morning in a healthier way.

Better Breakfast Idea #1: No Cook Breakfasts

sugar free frozen yogurt pops_Jennifer Tyler Lee

Incorporate no cook breakfasts into your busy morning routine to save time. Try Zero Sugar Mango Coconut Fro Yo Pops for a quick and nutritious on-the-go breakfast.

low sugar instant oatmeal

Instead of instant oatmeal packets that are typically loaded with added sugar, assemble your own grab-n-go oatmeal. Combine quick oats with a touch of brown sugar, cinnamon, dried fruit, and nuts or seeds. Store in re-useable heatproof containers. Just add milk or water, microwave for two minutes, and breakfast is ready.

Better Breakfast Idea #2: Prep in Advance

no sugar pecan pie granola_jennifer tyler lee

Prepare one recipe in advance so you don’t have to start the week with nothing in your pantry. Granola is a great option. I love granola because you can take a base recipe and flavor it a variety of different ways. Zero Sugar Pecan Pie Granola is chockful of dates and pecans for a classic pecan pie flavor with no added sugar. Or you can make it nut free with pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds and your favorite dried fruit.

Better Breakfast Idea #3: One and Done Meals

sheetpan banana pancakes_jennifer tyler lee

Pancakes may be a family favorite but not many parents have time to stand at the griddle flipping flapjacks on a weekday morning. Instead, bake your pancakes in a sheetpan to save time. This recipe for Sheetpan Banana Pancakesis an easy place to start. As for the syrup, that’s where the real added sugar problem is with breakfast favorites like pancakes and waffles. So instead of maple syrup this recipe features a blueberry compote to add natural sweetness with a fraction of the added sugar.

Better Breakfast Ideas on ABC7

Watch how to build a better breakfast with me and Kristen Sze on ABC7’s Modern Mom.