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  • Rainbow Chard Ravioli Recipe

Rainbow Chard Ravioli Recipe

  • October 5th, 2015

Our Favorite Homemade Ravioli Recipe

Making homemade ravioli is so much fun! My kids love rolling out the dough and cutting and shaping the ravioli, […]

  • Halloween Desserts

Halloween Desserts

  • September 28th, 2015

Easy Halloween desserts with no scary ingredients.

Spooky Halloween treats are at the center of every Halloween party. But they don’t have to be loaded […]

  • Easy Halloween Cookies: Spooky Spiders

Easy Halloween Cookies: Spooky Spiders

  • September 28th, 2015

No bake, nut free Halloween cookies.

These creepy crawlies may look scary, but there are no scary ingredients inside! Packed with healthy fats, these no […]

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 This week in Cooking Basics club (boys in Grades 3-5) we made a version of @jennifertylerlee's #52NewFoods Garden Friendship Soup - tons of fresh veggies, pasta and chicken. As we learned how to chop carrots, cauliflower, celery and onions, we chatted a bit about vegetables. A bunch of the boys said "I don't like XYZ vegetable" to which I responded "You've never eaten them like this before." When kids tell me they don't like something, I always tell them to give it a go in THIS particular recipe and once they've had a bite or a taste, then they can decide whether they like it or not. The end result of our cooking session produced this - the best looking #realfood version of a chicken noodle soup I have seen in a while. Lots of colour and flavour - they best way to get kids to try their veggies!
 After school snack = #persimmon chips #52newfoods #eathealthy #eatarainbow #feedingkids #f52grams #nomnom #snacktime #snackhappy
 Rainbow #chard #ravioli is on the menu! Makes it so easy to get #pickyeaters to eat their greens! #52newfoods #feedingkids #f52grams #nomnom #linkinprofile #healthy #eatarainbow
 Treats and tricks for a #healthy Halloween via @workingmother #52newfoods #feedingkids #halloweentreats #linkinprofile #workingmom



A simple, fun and playful way to get kids to eat healthy and try new foods.
Rachael Ray's, Yum-O!
Fun? Simple? Rewards dinner conversation, good manners and setting the table? Encourages even the most reticent child—or adult!—to eat their veggies? Supports non-profits dedicated to combating the childhood obesity epidemic? You can see why we love this.
Laurie David's, The Family Dinner
A mom and genius game creator helping kids eat fresh food!
Jamie Oliver's, Food Revolution
Good, wholesome fun at the dinner table.
Jackie Burrell, San Jose Mercury News
Creative mom Jennifer Tyler Lee has transformed mealtime into game time.
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