Simple, Healthy Recipes

Asian Meatballs

A quick and easy dinner recipe: Asian Meatballs

We’re only a few weeks to the end of the school year (how did the time go so quickly!?!). Our calendar is a flurry of end of year class trips, grade culminations, and teacher celebrations. Like the beginning of the school year, to thrive through this busy time I need to have quick and easy dinners on hand to keep things humming. That’s when dishes like these […]

52 New Foods Kids Cooking Classes at Williams-Sonoma

Our 52 New Foods Kids Cooking Classes series continues at Williams-Sonoma! Check out the lineup of fun (and free!) kids cooking classes featuring recipes and techniques from The 52 New Foods Challenge!”

I am thrilled to be partnering with Williams-Sonoma to make it easy for you and your kiddos to get cooking. All year, Williams-Sonoma will be featuring 52 New Foods kids […]

Portobello Mushroom Pizza

A quick, easy dinner idea that’s gluten-free too: Portobello Mushroom Pizza!

Pizza night is one of our family favorites. It’s fun, easy, and fast. Rarely do I hear complaints when pizza is on the menu, which is a welcome thing.

portobello mushroom pizza | 52 new foods challenge | jennifer tyler lee | 2

Pizza doesn’t typically top the list of healthy foods, but there are a […]

How to Cook Brussels Sprouts Chips: The Insider’s Guide

Mistakes to avoid when cooking Brussels Sprouts Chips.

After a season of cooking Roasted Brussels Sprouts Chips nearly every week (thank you, book tour!), I thought it would be helpful to round up a few cooking tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. There’s good news, and bad news.


52 New Foods Dinner Party Menu + Williams-Sonoma Giveaway

This fun and easy dinner party menu features a bounty of spring favorites that everyone in your family will enjoy, picky eaters included!

I’ve had a few reasons to celebrate lately. First, it’s the start of spring (yay!) which means our farmers’ market is brimming over with vegetables that have been patiently waiting in the wings for warmer days. Asparagus and radishes, to name a few. I promise, East Coast friends, spring is on its […]

The New Food Revolution: Healthy Breakfast Ideas

The New Food Revolution: Healthy breakfast ideas are the hot topic this week in the 52 New Foods Challenge series on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas from The 52 New Foods Challenge

There has been a lot of debate about the merits of a healthy breakfast. But any parent or teacher knows from experience that kids do better when they head to school with a healthy breakfast in […]