Simple, Healthy Recipes

Street Tacos With Crispy Quinoa

DIY street tacos: A quick and easy dinner idea for picky eaters.

Back-to-school is here, which means our calendar is overloaded with activities: get-to-know-you nights, sports practices, school coffees, playdates, and (sometimes) homework. The pace is always overwhelming. So this year, to help us all get ahead of the game, I’ve decided to round up my favorite fast and easy dinner ideas to help get healthy foods on the table without a huge hassle. Street […]

Crispy Quinoa

A healthy topping for tacos.

This recipe takes quinoa to new heights. Sautéeing those tiny grains until they are golden brown and crispy completely changed my kids’ willingness to welcome this ancient grain at our family dinner table. Try it as a topping for your Street Tacos, or as an easy (and healthy) addition to soups and salads.

Prep time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 3 minutes
Makes 1/2 cup

Ingredients for Crispy Quinoa

½ cup cooked quinoa
3 […]

How To Help Picky Eaters

Picky eaters, and how to help them, on KQED’s Forum

According to a new study from the Duke University Center for Eating Disorders, roughly 20 percent of kids are picky eaters, “snubbing their nose at all but a select list of foods.” For many kids, it’s a normal phase of childhood development that they’ll grow out of, but for some it can be “an indication of larger mental health issues.” In this engaging […]

Summer Couscous Recipe

This simple, summer couscous recipe is a 20-minute dinner that delivers.

Apricots and peas? It’s definitely an unusual combination, but they are both sweet and add layers of texture to couscous, which is paired up with oven-roasted chicken. A little bit of whole grain mustard is a quick way to add flavor to the chicken without making it spicy, and the toasted almonds on top are a crunchy finishing touch. But what I love the […]

Strawberry Jam (Without Pectin)

Strawberry jam that’s naturally sweet and super easy to make!

When strawberries are in season, we buy them by the flat. I sometimes wonder how we’re going to finish the entire box, and without fail the bounty is gone within a few short days.

strawberry jam | 52 new foods challenge | jennifer tyler lee | 1

At their seasonal peak, there’s not much you need to do with […]

No Bake Cookies Without Peanut Butter {VIDEO}

No bake cookies without peanut butter = snacking happy!

Quick and easy no bake cookies are my go-to healthy snack. I’ll whip up a batch on the weekend and store them in the freezer so I can grab a few and pop them in my kids’ lunchboxes on busy mornings.

These cookies are also my favorite sports team snack. After burning up energy on the field, court, or (in my son’s case) ice, little bodies […]